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Meet Our Employee of the Month at Union Park Automotive Group

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Booker James- Union Park Auto Spa
booker and team.JPG
This month we honor Booker James from our Union Park Auto Spa. Booker has been with Union Park Automotive Group for 15 years and has shown great dedication and pride to his work and to Union Park. He has a positive can-do attitude that allows him to take on any task that is given to him and it is always done with lots of pride, which makes him a true asset to the Auto Spa team. Thank you Booker for your hard work and dedication, your Union Park family appreciates it!
Thank you to the Team Members listed below who have been with us for many, many years. We are grateful to have you on our team!
Frank Ursomarso Sr. - Since 1969 | James Kimerer - Since 1969 | Elmer Greer - Since 1979 | Jeffrey Bennett - Since 1983 | Steven Kozlowski - Since 1985 | Gregory Basciani - Since 1987 | Robert Burgess - Since 1987 | Frank Ursomarso Jr - Since 1988 | John Patterson III - Since 1988 | Wieslas Jaminski - Since 1989 | Virginia Tew - Since 1990 | Ed Flynn - Since 1991 | Lee Davis III - Since 1992 | Thym Smith  -  Since 1992 | Ann Finney - Since 1994 | Michael Pinkett - Since 1994 | Reginald Ford - Since 1995 | Frederick Henry Jr. - Since 1996 | David Burns - Since 1998 | David Truban - Since 1998 | Anthony Dambrosio - Since 1998 | James Ursomarso - Since 1999 | Gerry Husbands - Since 1999

Previous Employees Awarded:

Ray Burress - Parts Department
ray and group .jpg
In June we honored Ray Burress from the Union Park Parts Department for his amazing job on getting our BMW merchandise displays up and running. Ray was an integral part in getting the merchandise ordered and organized. The new displays look amazing thanks to Ray's hard work.  Thank you for all you do Ray, your Union Park family appreciates you!
Melissa Fortner - Collision Center Administrative Assistant
melissa fortner photo.jpg
In May we honored Melissa Fortner, our Administrative Assistant from the Union Park Collision Center for her willingness to step up to the plate during the time that we had some management changes. Melissa went above and beyond her normal duties to ensure everything ran smoothly during the transition process. Thank you to Melissa for all of her hard work!
Jim Kimmerer - Union Park Buick GMC Technician
jim group shot.jpg
In April we honored Jim Kimerer, a technician from our Buick GMC Service Center for his 58 years of dedication to Union Park Automotive Group! Jim has seen it all from the big Pontiac V8 muscle cars to the new Buick SUVs. Thank you for keeping our customers cars running right for so many years and for all of your hard work!
Lolly Marini - Accounting Office
In March we honored Lolly Marini, a valued member of the Union Park Automotive Group Accounting Office. Lolly has been with us for over 40 years and has shown great deciation to Union Park as well has her job in the Accounting Office. She has never missed any time at work and has retired three times, but decided to come back  to continue her role in the Accounting Department helping with paperwork and filing. Lolly always has a smile on her face, and is a true pleasure to have here at Union Park. Thank you Lolly for all you do, your Union Park family appreciates it!
Shari Bennett - Accounting Office
For the month of February we honored Shari Bennett, a valued member of the Union Park Automotive Accounting Department. Shari has been with Union Park for 17 years and is a true asset to the team. She was nominated by the entire Accounting Department for her dedication to her job as well as being the go to person that is always helping everyone on the Accounting team. Their motto is, "If Shari can't fix it, no one can". Congratulations Shari, we appreciate your hard work and you are a truly valued member of our team!
Mary Cerami - Union Park Buick GMC Sales Associate
Mary Cerami.jpg
For the month of January we honored Mary Cerami, Union Park Buick GMC Sales Associate. Mary has been with Union Park Automotive Group for 17 years and has been a true asset to our sales team. She is valued for her great customer service as well as her sales volume she generates and dedication to her customers. Thank you Mary, for all that you do! Your Union Park team appreciates all of your hard work and dedication!
Steve Kozlowski - Collision Center Parts Department
We honor Steve Kozlowski for the Union Park Automotive December Employee of the Month. Steve is a valued member of the Union Park Collision Center and has been a part of Union Park Automotive Group for over 30 years. He goes above and beyond in his duties and always does a great job. Thank you, Steve, for all the great work you do! Your Union Park Team appreciates it!!
Jeff Bennett - Honda Sales Manager
jeff and team 2.JPG
Jeff Bennett is one of Union Park’s finest and more tenured employees. He has been with Union Park for 33 years and has led the Honda Sales Team with enthusiasm and professionalism. We value Jeff for not only his experience and leadership abilities, but also for his great customer service and lightheartedness. Thank you, Jeff for all your hard work and dedication to the Union Park family. You are a beacon in the night!
Rina Keeton - Accounting Department
Rina Keeton - Employee of the Month.jpg
Rina has been a member of the Union Park Automotive Group Accounting Department since 2002. She is valued for her self-starting attitude and willingness to help whenever needed. She also does an excellent job.
Rina and her husband Jimmy are lovers of animals and have many.
Thank you, Rina, for your commitment and hard work. We are lucky to have you on our team!
Bob Burgess - Union Park Collision Center and Body Shop Painter
Bob has been a member of the Union Park Collision Center and Body Shop team for several years. He is best known for his dedication to his team and to Union Park's customers. Bob was awarded the Employee of the Month Award for going the extra mile every day and being reliable. Thank you, Bob for being a great member of our team!
Craig Skotnicki - Union Park Honda Service Team Leader/Master Technician
Craig has been a great member of the Union Park Honda Service Team for many years. This past year, he has really shown his dedication to his team, his customers and Union Park by going above and beyond the call of duty. He is pleasant and makes sure that every customer is taken care of to the best of his ability. Thank you, Craig, for your great work!
Elmer Greer - Union Park Auto Group Parts Department Manager
Elmer has been an integral part of Union Park Auto Group since 1979 when he started as a parts department truck driver. He was promoted to Parts Manager for the Auto Group's entire Parts Department in 1999 where he has been managing many the staff of his department and all aspects of the Parts Department since. Elmer will be celebrating his 37th year with Union Park on September 9th of this year!

In his free time, Elmer likes to watch his daughter play volleyball and do building projects around his home. He recently built a couch for his patio. He is also very active in the local high school's athletic booster programs.

Thank you, Elmer, for all your hard work and dedication to Union Park and your department!

Don Jacobs - Union Park Honda Sales Consultant
Don with Award.jpg
Don has been a valuable member of the Union Park Honda Sales team for many years. He is valued for his patient nature and timeliness. Recently, Don was diagnosed with cancer, but that didn't slow him down. Although he was offered time off, Don choose to continue to work with his team selling Hondas through his cancer treatment. Not only has he shown his reliability and commitment to Union Park and his customers, but Don has also shown us all what it means to be strong in the face of hard times. Thank you, Don, for your positive influence on our Union Park Team!
Fred Henry - Union Park Collision Center and Body Shop Manager
Fred Henry Edit.jpg
Fred has been a member of the Union Park team since 1996. 2016 will be mark Fred's 20th year as the manager of Union Park Collision Center and Body Shop. Fred manages all operations of the Collision Center and Body Shop while being a postive and motivating force for his entire team of mechanics and office personnel. Fred is known throughout the company for his reliability and knowledge of mechanics and car repairs.

In his free time, Fred likes to duck hunt, deer hunt and go crabbing and fishing.
Greg Basciani - Union Park BMW Assistant Manager
Greg has been with Union Park since 1987 and will be celebrating his 30th year with us very soon. He is currently the Assitant Manager at Union Park BMW, but has worked in many positions at the company including Client Advisor for Union Park GM (Pontiac and GMC) and then Business Manager for Union Park GM. He has been the Assistant Manager at Union Park BMW for 19 years and it valued for his abundant knowledge in all things BMW and other aspects Union Park Automotive Group.
In his free time, Greg likes to play golf and spend time at the beach and with his wife. He has a daughter in college and a son who just purchased his first BMW. Greg's favorite BMW is the M4.
As a senior member of the team, Greg is a founding member of our Union Park BMW team and we look forward to celebrating 30 years of exemplary service with him in 2017.

Derek Mitchell - Union Park Parts Department Assistant Manager

Derek with Award


The "Parts Everything Guy"

Derek started with Union Park Automotive Group back in 2002 and is a very valuable member of our team. Derek was award Employee of the Month for stepping up and taking charge when extra hands were needed in the Parts Department. He does everything from ordering parts, talking to customers and coordinating with the service departments. He is a great example of a dependable worker at Union Park Automotive Group! 

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