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The Fisker Karma has arrived! 
Welcome to Union Park Fisker of Wilmington located at 1704 Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilmington, Delaware, the home of Fisker's North American assembly plant.  

Wow--here are spy photos of the next Fisker, the Fisker Atlantic (formerly know as the Nina) that will be unveiled at 8:00 p.m. on April 3rd.  We will be at the unveiling, so we post more information and official photos soon.  

You can take delivery of your new Fisker Karma today from Union Park Fisker of Wilmington--choose from an EcoSport, EcoStandard or Ecochic (the Inferno Red we have is a show stopper) that we have in stock in several colors.  Contact us at 302-778-9916 to schedule a test drive. 

Our Fisker service & parts department is also fully operation with Fisker factory trained staff.  Fisker service is located at our service center at 901 N. Union Street.  

The Wall Street Journal just released (February 27, 2012) their review of the Karma, which they call the most interesting car in the world, among giving it other praise.  Click here to read the WSJ review.

Click on the link below to read Motor Trends' just released (August 2011) ride and drive review of the Karma--they loved it.  http://m.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedans/1108_fisker_karma_second_drive/index.html

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a test drive by filling in the email information at the top right of this page or call our Fisker experts at 302-778-9916.   Photo below is from our Roadshow on September 12, 2011, a media frenzy and a happy Fisker Karma driver. 

Fisker is in the process of refitting its newly acquired plant just outside of Wilmington, Delaware to begin production in 2012 of the less expensive, but no less dramatically styled, project Nina vehicle. 
A fully-charged Karma burns no fuel for the first 40 miles, depending on how one drives.  Keep driving after 40 miles and the gasoline engine turns a generator to charge the lithium ion battery, thereby providing unlimited driving range.  If you drive 40 miles per day or less and recharge each night, your Karma will go 1000 miles between gas fill-ups and use less than 9 gallons of gas per month. 
Luxury leads the way for the driver – and the environment – with the world’s first eco-chic cars created in equally eco-friendly facilities. The Karma’s dramatic proportions and sumptuous design offer smile-inducing performance. And the interior lets four adults and luggage travel in comfort. With zero emissions. Zero compromise.
Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly thrilled with his new Fisker Karma.  He took delivery of one of the first 100 Karmas in August of 2011.
Fisker Karma
                                                                                                                                  Fisker Karma